Email is the largest professional social network. SaneConnect finds the right employee to introduce you to the right person at any company, based on email history.

Social Network

The Social Network

Your employees and their email are valuable assets. Don't waste them. Leverage the hidden social network in your company's email.


Super Intelligent

Way better than looking for intros on LinkedIn. View not only the contacts, but the strength and recency of the relationships, so you can ask the right person for a warm introduction.


Complete Security and Privacy

SaneConnect integrates with your email systems via Active Directory or Google Apps. It never looks at the content of your emails - only email headers.

Remarkably Simple Interface

Sane Connect
  • 1.Enter a domain name.
  • 2.View a list of your colleagues who have
    relationships at that company.
  • 3.Ask your colleague for an intro with 1 click.